Thursday, August 16, 2012

And here's why I hate Craigslist

And here's why I hate Craigslist, folks- names truncated to protect a registrant:

1)  J. gets his bike stolen.

2) J. finds his bike listed for sale on Craigslist

3) J. pings CL, no response, but gets the cops involved. They try and set up a meeting.

4) During the meet, the seller gets spooked and takes off. Cops "decline to interview" his accomplice who also showed up.

So now J. is basically back to square one, so J. tries (again) to get in touch with CL. And here's the BS form letter reply you get from CL when you say "Hi CL, someone stole my bike and it's on your website and even though the cops got involved we didn't get it back, can you help"

Relevant sections in bold:

Thanks for contacting craigslist. See below for suggested further actions
that may be relevant to the situation you are emailing about.

** CRIME REPORT ******************************


Report suspected criminal activity to law enforcement. Flag criminally

suspicious postings using the "prohibited" link.

** HARRASSMENT ******************************


Provide posting ID numbers, city/state, details of harassment. Flag such

postings using the "prohibited" link.


Direct to "". Subpoena/warrant generally required.
** SCAMS AND FRAUD ******************************

Flag as "prohibited." More info about scams and fraud:


Change your password immediately. More info here:

** SPAM POSTING OR OVERPOSTING **************************

Please use the "spam" flag in the top right corner of spam postings.

** SPAM OR SUSPICIOUS EMAIL *****************************

Please report to the email provider, e.g. if the suspcious message comes

from a "" address, send your report to "".


Help is available from other craigslist users here:


Consider contacting a consumer affairs agency, or law enforcement as

appropriate, as craigslist cannot mediate disputes between users.

** The Internet Crime Complaint Center ******************

** HELP PAGES AND USER HELP FORUM ***********************

** END OF AUTO RESPONSE ******************************
Basically, "suck it, we're not helping unless you have a warrant or a subpoena"

And there you go folks. Get your stuff stolen, have some dude list it on CL, and CL won't raise a single finger to help you even *after* you get the cops involved.

And this is why I hate Craigslist. Even pawn shops - typically the lowest rung of the ladder - have strict rules about information retention and holding goods for a certain number of days so they can be verified as legit.

But not Craigslist. They just have an auto-responder that will tell you to get lost.

Friday, July 27, 2012

#13030, recovered

So, I thought I'd start marking recoveries with a brief synopsis on how these bikes came back. And since 90% of the recovered bikes are being found on Craigslist, I figured I'd include that too.

Synopsis: 2009 Surly Long Haul Trucker, Seattle
Recovered by: new buyer
Found off of Craigslist: yes

Monday, March 19, 2012

Yet another high end bike thief nailed using Craigslist

From: "Police catch high-end bicycle theft suspect"

DENVER - The Craigslist seller professed to know little about the expensive bicycles he was selling for well under value. The bikes seemed like a steal. Police say they were just that.
Denver Police set up a sting and caught 33-year-old Richard Goodface. Investigators believe he broke into apartment buildings and storage areas where bicycles were being kept over the winter. Police believe he largely targeted downtown neighborhoods including Capitol Hill and Cherry Creek.
"He was passing over the less expensive bikes and going for the bigger-name bikes," DPD spokesman Sonny Jackson said.
The bikes would quickly end up Craigslist, says Jackson, and the ads would be taken down shortly after the stolen bikes were sold.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yet Another Craigslist Sting

Stop me if you've heard this one before ...

Stolen $1200 Bike Found On Craigslist

A theft victim whose bicycle was stolen at San Francisco's Pier 39 earlier this month found his $1,200 bike on Craigslist and led police to the man trying to sell it on Friday evening, a police captain said today.
The 27-year-old San Jose resident reported his bike stolen on Oct. 23. Days later, the man saw the bike listed for sale on the classified ads website and arranged to purchase it, according to police.
After agreeing to meet at the suspect's home ... the man called police, and plainclothes officers accompanied him to the meeting at about 7 p.m. Friday, said police Capt. Denis O'Leary of the department's Park Station.
Officers detained the 25-year-old man trying to sell the bike. The man told police that he had bought the bike himself on Craigslist two days earlier and didn't know that it was stolen, O'Leary said

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Portland Police Boost Craigslist 'Stings' For Stolen Goods

You must watch this - GREAT coverage of the huge problem Craigslist is causing, and the response by
Portland police to the problem